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Client Testimonials


Bill served as a key member of my executive leadership team, providing Chief Financial Officer services on a contract basis from 2005-2012.  Operating in a complex organizational environment on behalf of three not-for-profit corporations as well as coordinating with an external partner corporation, Bill provided expert leadership in both the financial management as well as business development areas of operations. He interacted effectively with Committees of the Boards as well as participating in full Board meetings on an ongoing basis. He served as a champion for the missions of each corporation and networked with other professionals to bring useful resources to achieve those respective missions. Bill brings an enthusiastic and positive approach to his work, balanced with a coaching approach born out of extensive organizational experience. He uses technology effectively to produce quality outcomes, including a high level of responsiveness to client needs. Tom Mondloch, President and CEO, Friends Care, Inc.

My experience with ECW Advisors has been wonderful.  It’s been an extremely positive relationship.  Bill Heintzelman has been professional, accessible, understanding and insightful.  Bill started off in a purely educational, advisory role but it became apparent that he had much more value to add to my organization and we expanded the relationship.  He has been instrumental in helping with the placement and evaluation of several key level positions as well as providing dynamic and provocative commentary on financial reviews.  We incorporated ECW business intelligence on a strategic level as well as several micro projects. In discussions with my peers, when they present financial challenges, I’m quick to recommend ECW Advisors.  I’d strongly recommend that you experience their hands-on approach to financial analysis and business evaluation.  Brad Callahan, President and CEO, Travel Advantage Network, Inc.

Bill is a financial strategist extraordinaire. He is sharp, quick, and incisive.  Bill does not pull his punches when working with business owners. He cuts rapidly to the heart of a problem, recognizes the contributing factors, and recommends solutions.  And Bill stays on top of the situation to ensure bottom-line results. Sheila Cox, CEO and Founder, Performance Horizons, Inc.

I have been working with Bill for a year and a half.  He has added tremendous value to our growing organization by playing the role of our outsourced CFO.  He started our partnership by conducting an assessment of our Finance/Accounting area and making recommendations to create efficiencies and procedures.  Bill hasbeen a confident to me given his years of experience on what we are doing, should be doing compared to clients he has serviced in the past.  Bill also has served as a mentor to our Finance Manager who has grown tremendously under Bill’s tutelage. Every month when I sign Bill’s check I know I’m getting excellent value for my investment. Rich Rubinstein, CEO, Americas Remote Help Desk, Inc.


Bill has worked with us over eight years and  is vital to the success of ourorganization.  He is a true professional whose wealth of knowledge is unmatched in our industry. We don’t even think of him as a contractor, we view him as a part of our company—an indispensable part of our company. Mark Mertz, General Manager, Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc.


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